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At Free Accounting we take security very seriously. Our practices ensure that your data is secure from both accidental loss and unauthorized access. Many people do not realize how insecure some of their standard practices are. Below are some examples of security risks you may have in your current system.

Free Accounting uses 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure your data remains confidential. Your data is also kept physically safe in our secure data centre and protected from loss with daily backups. Are your current practices ensuring your records are secure?

ActivityRiskFree Accounting Solution
You use a stand-alone accounting system e.g. MYOB and email the database file or other report to your accountant or business partner.An unauthorized user intercepts the email opens the file and reads your confidential data. Note that email is usually sent unencrypted.Your accountant and other business partners can have direct access to Free Accounting system meaning the data is secured using 256 bit SSL encryption.
The computer you use for your accounting system is not kept in a secure place.A malicious person steals your computer and reads your confidential data.The Free Accounting system is hosted in a data centre with 24 hour on site security.
Your computer is protected by a password, but is not physically secured and your data is not encrypted.Someone steals your computers hard drive installs it into another computer (bypassing your operating system security) and reads your confidential information.The Free Accounting system is hosted in a data centre with 24 hour on site security and uses encryption where necessary to protect your data.
Your computers hard disk fails.This is the most likely part of a computer to fail. You will lose your data and be without use of your accounting system until you can replace the hard disk and reconfigure the accounting system.The Free Accounting server protects your data with mirrored hard disks and daily backups.

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